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Sunday Rockpile: Rockies embarrassment goes viral

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Now that the Rockies fifth inning defensive meltdown allowing Miguel Cabrera to score on a routine grounder to the pitcher has been blown up to be seen everywhere, might I suggest this site for all your future Coors Field gameday accessorizing.

Tyler Colvin's bat has been taken out of the lineup in the first two games in Detroit in favor of Jason Giambi. There's controversy here because Colvin's actually proving himself a useful everyday type of bat of late, while Giambi is proving himself old as dirt, but really, when I say "contoroversy," I use the term fairly lightly, as most Rockies fans have probably arrived at the acceptance that this team really isn't going to get a lot better, and those that are still in a seething rage about Jim Tracy's inexplicable lineup decisions should really consider taking up sports blogging as a career choice. It's a growth industry, there's a good future here.

After the Harper/Trout lead question in his weekly column, Troy Renck notes the potentially high cost of the Rockies "loyalty at all costs" model, where only players seemingly get held accountable for a team's failures. A season like the Rockies 2012, moreso than in the last two years, is actually shaping up to be less about the players and more about the personnel that chose them and guide them on the field, which makes this a particularly dangerous path to take for the ownership and front office.

That's all for a really short Rockpile, as I've got to pack up and leave Philly before the stink of this year's Rockies team gets here tomorrow.