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Tuesday Rockpile: Waiting for Superstars

The Rockies want to build on these two superstars.  While they wait for someone to step into that role, they are also waiting for both players to be healthy.
The Rockies want to build on these two superstars. While they wait for someone to step into that role, they are also waiting for both players to be healthy.

Fourteen months ago, the Rockies had the enviable position of being a middle market team with three young superstars. Sunday in Detroit, they had zero. Meanwhile, GM Dan O'Dowd was left to frantically reposition the stumbling building blocks of this bridge (year), searching for a Guthrie-shaped mulligan.

Ubaldo Jimenez is gone. Carlos Gonzalez has a knee injury, though he is expected to return to the lineup today in Philadelphia - wearing a Rockies jersey. Troy Tulowitzki is another matter. We find out today whether Tulo's groin strain is actually a sports hernia, or an "athletic pubalga," which is a tear in lower abdominal muscles. If so, Tulo will be on the disabled list through the trade deadline.

That will hamstring O'Dowd further, as Marco Scutaro - who has started every game in Tulo's absence while starting to hit well - was considered prime trade material. The two other potential superstars with 2012 ETA's have shown to need more time in the minors than hoped in March.

Nolan Arenado has ridden a recent hot streak and is now hitting .290 with a .341 OBP and 6 HR in AA. It isn't a season that is banging down the door to the major leagues at this point, but the 109 wRC+ it represents is equivalent to his CAL-inflated batting line in 2011. Drew Pomeranz hasn't thrown a quality start in AAA since May 13, his first start after his May demotion.

Meanwhile, the Mets have a budding superstar on their hands. While 28 other general managers may be kicking themselves for not picking up a flyer on R.A. Dickey, Dan O'Dowd likely never considered the knuckleballer. Given the unique challenges of Coors Field, particularly on a knuckler, the Rockies could never capitalize on a story like Dickey.

So while we wait for superstars, Dan O'Dowd is trying to shore up the facade as best he can. The Rockies have apparently heard from four teams inquiring on Jeremy Guthrie, and while an offer of AA 1B Matt McDade and cash for Guthrie would be a steal, O'Dowd is wise to at least listen to other offers.

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