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Saturday Rockpile: Superstitious Musings, Tulowitzki Sad About Watching from GUILLERMO MOSCOSO the Dugout, More

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So, last night, as I was walking to my car from Spring Mobile Ballpark (which is where the Sky Sox were taking on the Salt Lake Bees), my generally superstitious mind got to thinking. I'm fortunate (or unfortunate, depending on how you look at the economy) enough to own a home. One of the small pleasures about owning a home (or even renting, I guess) is the ability to mark it with your territory. As such, I have a million and a half Rockies and University of Utah (my other love) items displayed in the yard, in the windows, etc. One of those items is a Rockies flag, which flies between the months of March and September. I say September, because when the Rockies last made the playoffs in 2009, I didn't have the flag yet (although I was into my house for about six months at the time). Last night, it dawned on me that I didn't get the flag until September of 2010. We ALL know what happened in September of 2010 and we all know what has happened since.

I will temporarily replace my Rockies flag with another for certain occasions, such as flying my Utah flag on football gamedays in September or putting up the American flag on designated holidays, but the Rockies flag usually goes right back up. One such holiday is Memorial Day. This past Monday marked the 2012 version, and so, just like the year before, I removed my Rockies flag (which is, fittingly, becoming a bit battered) and replaced it with the red, white, and blue. The Rockies proceeded to, of course, sweep the Astros in a doubleheader, which surprised even the most optimistic of Rox fans due to how the team had played for the entire month of May. I got busy cleaning up after a barbecue and forgot to put the Rockies flag back up, and also spaced it the next day. Two days later, they won again - in extremely convincing fashion, so I decided to ride out the star-spangled banner. The Rox haven't lost since, so here I am looking like the world's most patriotic guy when in all reality, I'm just a psycho about superstition. Could be worse, I guess. However, I am becoming known around the neighborhood as "the American guy."

We'll see what happens when/if the Rox lose, but either way, I'm pretty sure that Rockies flag is a curse and that it will never see the light of day ever again. I may even burn it.

Now that I've wasted a few minutes of your life that you will never get back, here are some links:

Troy Tulowitzki "bummed" about latest injury - The Denver Post
Tulo is bummed, and teammate Jason Giambi says it's because he got injured just when he was starting to heat up. Sounds about rigBREAKING:

Guillermo Moscoso just tweeted the following:

Either someone is hurt, or someone is getting a pink slip. We'll keep you updated. Now, back to our regularly-scheduled link...

ht; Tulo was hitting .389/.436/.833 with four homers and four doubles during a nine-game hitting streak, so the timing really sucks. The Rockies have enough firepower to keep winning without him, though, especially with Carlos Gonzalez being hotter than a 100 stolen iPhones.

In that piece, has notes on just how hot CarGo has been, injury updates on Jonathan Herrera and Ramon Hernandez, and some quotes from the Monforts on the passing of their mother, which is extremely sad. Condolences to those guys and their families.

Grand Junction Rockies a new chapter in town's baseball history - The Denver Post
As I'm sure all of you know, the Casper Ghosts are no more, as they have relocated to Grand Junction, changed their name back to the Rockies, and will start their season on June 18th on theBREAKING:

Moscoso update:

What a jerk. Resuming the previous link...

road in Ogden. Irv Moss has a nice primer on the team and the town. Check it out.