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2012 Colorado Rockies Game #52: Aaron Harang vs. Juan Nicasio

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My own personal opinion is that the Rockies current five game run is about half of what would be needed to make up the ground lost in the May collapse and return the team to a position where fans can once again safely dream on a potentially playoff capable team later this year. As it's still highly unlikely, the team right now is probably back within a "wilder" dream range of the playoffs as compared to the "wildest" dream level we had reached a week or so ago. Thankfully, the team never went beyond that.

Both teams' hitters should be very familiar their opponent today. For the Rockies, La Violencia pitches his fifth career start against the Dodgers, the most Juan Nicasio has had against any team. His previous two starts against L.A. in 2012 have also happened to be some of his best work this season. Similarly, this will be Aaron Harang's third 2012 start against the Rockies, albeit Harang didn't have the same consistency against today's opponent as Nicasio, giving up five runs the last time he started at Coors, but going eight innings of one run ball in a start in Los Angeles. The lack of secrets to fool opposing hitters and the fact that neither pitcher has truly unlocked the mysteries of success at Coors Field yet could make for a high scoring afternoon.