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Thursday Rockpile: As the youth approach (except for one,) the veteran trade watch begins

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Troy E. Renck offers his prescriptions for the lost season going forward, I don't see much that I'd disagree with or wish to add other than also focusing more on improving the team's fielding performance that I mentioned on Sunday. For trade wonks, it's still the same Guthrie, Scutaro, Giambi trio that gets mentioned, along with "maybe a reliever" as likely to go.

Jon Heyman looks a bit deeper into the Rockies current trade market, and gives a variety of reasons for why certain players on the team aren't going to get traded, like Michael Cuddyer or Dexter Fowler, who are of interest to other teams, but not enough to get offers that Dan O'Dowd feels make it worth it to pull the trigger, or like Carlos Gonzalez, who won't get traded because of "well, duh."

Tracy Ringolsby writes about Bob Apodaca's burnout that led to him shifting roles within the organization.

Jorge De La Rosa's stalled recovery has him out until at least the September roster expansion, and possibly for the remainder of the season. Other news revealed in a conference call with season ticket holders on Wednesday included the note that Nolan Arenado will likely not be a part of said roster expansion. Arenado's maturity has been put on the front-burner in recent weeks, and O'Dowd acknowledges that it's seen by the club as holding him back. This is not altogether surprising given the prospect's age, I would guess that most people have maturity issues at 21, and does nothing to diminish the potential impact Arenado could have on the field. What would hurt that potential would be if the wake-up call isn't received.