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David OhNo's MLB Rule 4 Draft 2012 Preview Part 3: Likely Draft Picks for the Rockies

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And now, the moment you've all been waiting for:

This brings us to players that now likely will be available at pick ten for Colorado.

Here are the players most linked to the Rockies:

The Likely Favorite: Courtney Hawkins, OF, HS:

Whether you read Keith Law, Baseball America, Kevin Goldstein, or any other well published draft analyst, you've probably seen a growing consensus that Courtney Hawkins tops the Rockies draft board. If you follow me on twitter (@davidchood), you know that he isn't necessarily my favorite pick. That isn't to say that Hawkins is a bad pick, but his flaws could result in a massive bust.

The first thing I notice in watching Hawkins' prospect videos is his poor weight distribution at the plate and his tendency to get too far onto his front foot at contact. Not only does this hamper his ability to swing on a consistent path, but brings his ability to hit quality off speed pitches into question. Keith Law has commented previously that Hawkins has cleaned up his approach at the plate this spring, and I hope this has been addressed.

While he possesses plus bat speed, this type of flaw could prevent him from leaving A ball while racking up an extreme number of strikeouts. Additionally, Hawkins has the type of build that could fill out to the point that makes covering Coors Field's outfield a chore on a daily basis. Hawkins is a very physical 6'2 210-ish framed outfielder with a good arm and decent speed (6.7 60's for Perfect Game), but looks like he could grow beyond that, slowing him down.

What makes Hawkins a worthy pick at ten is his bat speed and power potential. If you take Hawkins, you expect him to produce big power from the right side of the plate, something that has become difficult to find consistently in the draft. Hawkins bat speed is almost unrivaled in this draft, and he's raw enough to be molded into the type of hitter a team wants him to be. The upside here is that Hawkins tones up his body and refines his plate approach to become a plus athlete in right field with a prototype arm and middle order power. I tend to prefer a better hit tool, which makes me lean towards...

My Favorite: David Dahl, OF, HS:

In recent mock drafts, Courtney Hawkins was coming off the board at pick eight or nine, and barring surprise inclusions into the top ten, it's more likely that Hawkins is selected prior to the Rockies picking at ten. That makes Dahl next and several analysts' lists, but tops on mine. From an athleticism standpoint, Dahl almost rivals Buxton, with 60 times as low as 6.49 at Perfect Game, and an outfield arm that has been clocked in the mid 90's. Dahl's speed is also evident in his videos as he has flashed some 3.9 and 4.0 times to first from the left side.

Speed isn't Dahl's only asset: he has an athletic build and a projectable frame at 6'2 185, one that should allow him to hold on to his speed while filling out. He's been compared to Johnny Damon at times, which does a disservice to his swing. Dahl has plus bat speed and good weight distribution at the plate, which leads to line drives and hints at future power. Scouting reports suggest Dahl still has work to do on his defensive instincts in center, and his detractors feel he won't be able to outrun his mistakes once he fills out. I see a more complete, safer player than Hawkins, with Dahl having the upside of an upper-division leadoff hitter with 20-20 potential and a high average.

Other linked names and picks to watch coming up later today.