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2012 Rockies Game #86: Cliff Lee vs. Christian Friedrich


For a matchup between two disappointing last place teams, this game offers at least a bit of intrigue. First of all, Rockies fans can look forward to the MLB debut of Josh Rutledge, as blogged below. Not that Rutledge is a sure thing, but he's at least enough of a thing to get our hopes up again that an internal fix for the second base quagmire might once again be at hand.

Second, the pitching matchup pairs the man who's been at least partially credited with fine tuning Christian Friedrich's skills to their current level against Friedrich himself. A year ago, Friedrich looked like a likely bust for a first round selection, but after some study with Lee in the offseason and a new found emphasis on conditioning, he's at least a mildly intriguing possibility for a long term stable rotation piece.