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Padres 3, Rockies 2: Rox Drop Rubber Match of Series After Sun Rises from the East


Here's what happened in today's Rockies/Padres game:

  • The Rockies again failed to win the rubber match of a series.
  • The Rockies lost on a Sunday.
  • The Rockies scored runs in the first two innings, and didn't score again.
  • The Rockies had one hit after the second inning. ONE hit.
  • Huston Street pitched a scoreless ninth.

At least we've all been given a sense of normalcy, thanks to our favorite ball club. That's all we can ask for, right?

36 - 58


Lost 1


The usual after the jump.

Source: FanGraphs

Tomorrow, the Rockies find themselves in Arizona. Jonathan Sanchez will take the mound so, if nothing else, it should be interesting to watch for that reason. That's about it, though; the Rockies are somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 games under .500 at Chase Field since the D-Backs came into the league, including 5-17 in the last two-plus seasons. Should be fun!