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2012 Rockies Game #96: Edwar Cabrera vs. Joe Saunders

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It's Edwar Cabrera time again! The situation is not ideal, given his start comes at the offense-heavy Chase Park against a team that has won four straight, with a day's notice. Then again, that is significantly better than when he made his MLB debut, at Coors Field a day after Bob Apodaca stepped down.

In two of Cabrera's four AAA starts since his MLB debut, he has allowed 1 earned run or less, struck out nine or more and went at least six innings. He also allowed just 2 home runs over 20.2 innings over the PCL circuit, touring Sacramento and Tacoma as well as Colorado Springs. I am still not convinced he is ready, but he should be significantly more prepared than on June 27.

Joe Saunders was a nontender candidate in the offseason, but Kevin Towers brought the lefty back. Saunders has been a solid back end starter this season in Arizona, walking the fewest batters in his career and flashing his highest strikeout rate since Troy Tulowitzki was a Driller. He has done it by ditching his slider and throwing his slower-than-ever fastball more than ever.