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Tuesday Off Topic

It's true that people have multiple dreams per night, though few are remembered. Even fewer are vivid enough to linger as true events in a foggy subconscious stumbling to the bathroom. I had one of the worst of the latter last night, and it was about the Rockies.

Our baseball team continued their losing. It got so bad that a riot started at Coors Field....on the field, everywhere....during the game. Players fled. I ended up shielding Dexter Fowler from the mob after he leapt the center field wall. He escaped, then went missing.

We found out days later he had left Coors Field on his bike and rode away into the mountains...then went down a path, struck a tree and died. I woke up very upset with the whole ordeal, only realizing its falsehood during breakfast. Thank goodness the Rockies season has gone better than that.

Topic for the day:

Strangest/best/worst dreams that tricked your mind into thinking they were real after you woke.