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Thursday Rockpile: Half-way to century mark (in losses)


In order to follow a team as bad as the 2012 Rockies have been without falling into the pits of despair, embedded media members (not to mention die-hard bloggers) will gradually tend to focus more on individual performances to avoid looking at the bigger picture.

So while we might get a few ghastly status updates akin to that first link above, we'll get a lot more articles like "Tyler Colvin one of baseball's hottest hitters," which collectively will give some the impression that the media is glossing over the stink of the team. It's partially true, but you can only say a team is terrible so many ways before it becomes a tiring drone of whining and pessimism and won't sell copy or draw page views. There will be aspects of this team worth latching onto for the future, young players like Drew Pomeranz and Wilin Rosario or perhaps even Colvin, it should be no surprise that the media starts focusing on those more as this lost season goes on.

Other notes from the Rockies today include that Christian Friedrich is good to go for today's start, Juan Nicasio has suffered a setback with his recovery due to fluid on the knee, and Josh Outman's demotion was for the LHP to work on his command, which would be helpful if he wishes to get an ERA in the single digits at some point.

I have an important early meeting today so I have to cut things short, but at least I'm finally off the road for a month or so. Starting next week I should be able to have more in depth posts again.