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Saturday Rockpile: Giancarlo Stanton Continues to Make Coors Field Look Like a Little League Park

Home run trots have becoming the norm for Mike Stanton when playing at Coors Field.
Home run trots have becoming the norm for Mike Stanton when playing at Coors Field.

Giancarlo Stanton is locked up in a Denver-area jail this morning amidst allegations of lewd acts toward a baseball, according to somebody.

Okay, maybe that's a stretch, but Stanton's home run off of Josh Roenicke last night traveled 494 feet, according to the ESPN Home Run Tracker, making it the longest homer in the big leagues in three years. In addition, Stanton has now homered in all five games in which he has played at Coors Field. Here are the distances of those:

  • 494 feet (off of Josh Roenicke on 8/17/12)
  • 456 feet (off of Adam Ottavino on 8/16/12)
  • 466 feet (off of Aaron Cook on 8/17/11)
  • 433 feet (off of Edgmer Escalona on 8/16/11)
  • 474 feet (off of Kevin Millwood on 8/15/11)
  • Can you imagine if he played for the Rockies? I mean, he wouldn't homer every single game, but I'm thinking 30-35 bombs in 81 home games wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility. Anyway, two of the most notable homers of the year in MLB have now been hit by Stanton vs. the Rockies. The other, of course, being his scoreboard-destroying blast off of Jamie Moyer in Miami back in May.

    Watch the video highlights of last night's Stanton blast here.

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