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2012 Rockies Game #121: The Return of Jhoulys Chacin vs. Chris Young

Cargo would be happy Chacin is back, if Cargo was back...
Cargo would be happy Chacin is back, if Cargo was back...

On May 2, the Rockies announced they were optioning Jhoulys Chacin to AAA Colorado Springs after a disappointing 0-3, 7.30 start to the season. That day was also the last day of the season the Rockies had a record .500 or better. Since May 2 and Chacin's departure, the Rockies are just 35-61.

The clubhouse Chacin is entering is quite different than the one he left, and hopefully his mindset is too. After five rehab starts (two in AAA with a 2.63 ERA), reports are that he is healthy. It would be helpful going forward to know what the Rockies may have in Chacin.

The Rockies will also try to win their 6th consecutive game at Citi Field tonight, and Chris Young, whose first name must be "big 6-10," will try to deny it to them. Chris Young is famous for being the longest tenured Diamondback, but this Chris Young is notorious to Rockies fans for allowing five stolen bases to Dexter Fowler in one game. Just as the Rockies tried to run on knuckler R.A. Dickey last night, Young' long, slow-moving frame is ripe for thriftiness.