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Belisle Coughs Up Lead Late, Rockies Lose 5-3

Yeah, that's pretty much exactly the emotion this situation called for Matt.
Yeah, that's pretty much exactly the emotion this situation called for Matt.

It all started swimmingly for the Rockies, as Colorado scored a run in each of the first three innings of their series opener against the Cubs. Drew Pomeranz was cruising with a no-hitter through 4 innings and it seemed like maybe, just maybe, that the Rockies were going to have a season-long winning streak at six games.

Then the offense went dormant (only 3 hits past the 3rd inning), Pomeranz allowed two solo homers in the 5th, and Matt Belisle/Matt Reynolds imploded with a one run lead in the 8th. Two errors, both in the 8th, certainly didn't help matters, and just like that the Rockies looked more like their pre-August selves on the road.

Even in a loss, there was a lot of encouragement to be taken. Pomeranz was great outside of the homers (those were the only two hits he allowed in 5 innings of work) and Josh Roenicke threw 2 scoreless relief innings, while Chris Nelson (6) and Carlos Gonzalez (21) hit solo homers and DJ LeMahieu continued to be en fuego with a 3 hit day. Heck, Charlie Blackmon even threw a guy out at home.

50 - 74


Lost 1


Yes, it was a loss, but with all the recent winning it doesn't sting so bad.


Source: FanGraphs

We Salute: Roenicke (.191 WPA), Nelson (.105)

We Are Disappointed In: Belisle (-.621)

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