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Giants 16, Rockies 4: That Really Got Out Of Hand Fast

Matt Reynolds...did not have a good outing tonight.
Matt Reynolds...did not have a good outing tonight.

Through 6 innings, this was a perfectly normal Rockies loss. Maybe a little better pitching than I was expecting given that Jonathan Sanchez was starting. Not that Sanchez was very good -- he managed to make it through only 3 innings, averaging 22 pitches per inning (less than half of which were strikes), allowing 2 runs (1 earned) on 3 hits and 3 walks. It also didn't help that Colorado had only 1 hit through 6 innings off of Ryan Vogelsong.

But on the whole it was still a manageable situation, as Colorado was down 3-0 entering the 7th inning, thanks to a nice 3 inning outing by Adam Ottavino. Of course, at this point Vogelsong decided that it was time for his 3rd hit of the season, a double. A triple, a walk, and a double followed to eventually expand the lead to 7-0.

To their credit, Colorado's hitters finally decided to get involved in the game in the bottom half of the frame, getting all 4 of the runs back. Dexter Fowler lead off the inning with his 50th triple as a Rockie, breaking Neifi Perez's record. A sac fly and two doubles were quickly followed by a Wilin Rosario 2 run bomb (18). Okay, back in the game at 7-4.

Then Matt Reynolds' nightmare began. A single to open the inning was followed by a throwing error by Reynolds on a sac bunt attempt. An infield single loaded the bases, then another single kept them loaded. The third of five (!!!) wild pitches by Colorado pitching in the game scored a run. A guy got stabbed with a trident. Another wild pitch on ball 4 scored a third run. At least Reynolds kept it in the strike zone for Buster Posey...who crushed a three run homer.

At no point in the above sequence was an out recorded (though he did eventually get three of them). The inning raised Reynolds' season ERA from 3.57 to 4.47. Basically, if Matt Reynolds is pitching in a game for Colorado, you know that the Rockies will lose. This has been noted earlier by others, but it bears repeating: since April 28th the Rockies are 1-39 when Reynolds pitches in a game. That is not a misprint. Holy cow! Seriously, at this point how depressed is Matt Reynolds?

For good measure, Carlos Torres allowed another 3 runs in the 9th to increase the margin to 12. In the game Rockies pitching allowed 16 hits, walked 7, and had the aforementioned 5 wild pitches. There's a lot of competition for this honor, but this is definitely a nominee for the worst pitching performance of the year.

38 - 66


Lost 1


This team is a freaking mess.

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We Salute: Well, uh, Ottavino wasn't terrible, Dexter set that record, uh...USA! USA!

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