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Thursday Rockpile: Rockies playing out the proverbial string

This isn't going to end well...
This isn't going to end well...

Unlike a couple of years ago when they won the World Series, the Giants this year actually might deserve it. They're a good, well rounded and complete team now. I've been under the weather all week, so maybe it's just a fever/delirium dream that's making me say that. That said, I've also watched the Rockies showing themselves to be complacent lapdogs for the rest of the league over the last couple of weeks again, so maybe my expectations of what a solid team looks like have been lowered recently.

The Rockies Carlos Gonzalez sees hope for the future of the Rockies franchise, but avoids talking about the rotation when talking about said hope... Other notes from the article include that Cargo will spend the winter working on his cardio and that he's become a bit of a hitting mentor for Wilin Rosario.

For his part, Rosario has vowed to improve his defense over the winter. Also noted are Chris Nelson's improved two strike approach fueling his hitting upswing, and Jorge De La Rosa returning this afternoon. I'll have that game thread up in a few hours after a nap.

Mark Townsend writes the Rockies 2012 concession speech for Yahoo!

As Townsend indicates, Rockies fans continue to be some of the best at paying for and watching an inferior product, I think we're giving the Cubs a good run for that chase as well as the one for the #2 pick in next year's draft. The team has put out a press release honoring the 60,000,000th paying customer in franchise history. The Rockies are the fastest franchise ever to that feat, while continuing to take a long, slow road to any division or world titles.

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