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Musings On The Colorado Rockies' Freefall Into The Abyss


With yet another loss last night, the Colorado Rockies are now 34 games south of .500. Only one other team in franchise history has ever sank this low at any point in the season, and that one had a really good excuse being an expansion team. The inaugural Rockies actually bottomed out at 38 games under .500 on August 6th, 1993, and even some of that taste got washed out as they went ten games over the rest of the way to finish 67-95.

For the 2012 Rockies however, no such silver lining seems in store. After a brief run of solid baseball that included a 15-7 mark in the 22 game stretch between August 13th and September 4th, the Rockies have since reminded everyone why we hate this season so much by going 2-14 since. If you're really looking for positives, and I'm sure most Rockie fans are on a day like today, you might be able to take solace in the fact that half those losses were by just a single run, but I can't offer any help on the last three games. Those have been particularly dreadful, even for this team.

The Rockies now must go 5-7 in their last 12 contests to avoid losing 100 games, and oddly if they don't do it, they will tie the franchise worst mark of games below .500 at 38. Of course if they keep playing the way they have over the last 16 games, they could also break that record. Hopefully neither one of those things happen.

One other note of interest. With the Rockies losing streak reaching seven games last night (yes, that's the longest in all of baseball at the moment), the Rockies moved past the Cubs for the #2 pick in next year's draft. The Fail Bears themselves will be paying a visit to Denver next Tuesday through Thursday to wrap up the home schedule; so it's likely that whoever loses those games and wins this battle of ineptitude will get the #2 pick next June. I guess it's a fitting way to put a lid on what has been a catastrophe at Coors this season isn't it? After seeing how good September baseball can be there just a few short years ago though, this really breaks my heart.