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Rockies Get Kershawed, Lose to LA 8-0

So that's what happens when you have a lineup of six rookies against the reigning Cy Young Award winner.

Nick Laham - Getty Images

This was perhaps the most predictable loss in a season full of them. Against the reigning Cy Young Award winner, Colorado sent up 6 rookies plus two pre-arbitration players in Chris Nelson and Tyler Colvin. To nobody's surprise, this did not end up being a great offensive game for the Rockies, who mustered just five hits against a dominant Clayton Kershaw.

The pitching thing wasn't working too well either, as Jeff Francis got tagged for 5 runs on 6 hits over 4 innings pitched, then Will Harris allowed three more in an inning of relief.

62 - 95


Lost 1


In the end though, it's all good -- the Rockies still only need to win one of the next two games to throw a serious wrench in the Dodgers' postseason hopes (St. Louis' win tonight reduced that magic number to 3), not to mention that a win would avoid that 100 loss barrier.

Graph: Yeah, that's pretty much exactly what I expected this to look like

Source: FanGraphs

We Salute: Nobody. This was a pretty weak effort from everyone.

We Are Disappointed In: Everyone. Not surprised, just disappointed.

Panda Rating: Sad Panda