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Rockies get Blantonned, lose to LA 3-0

Los Angeles shuts out Colorado for second straight night despite having a step down in the starting pitching department.

Stephen Dunn - Getty Images

Wait... so maybe it wasn't Clayton Kershaw's pitching magnificence that did the Rockies in on Friday, given that Saturday night's results against Joe Blanton featured so much more of the same from Colorado. The Rockies managed just seven hits and struck out ten times on their way to their second straight shutout loss to the Dodgers, this time 3-0. Joe Blanton pitched a model "four man rotation" start, as he kept the Rockies scoreless and still managed to get six innings of work in on 79 pitches. Wilin Rosario struck out three times for the Rockies, as the rookie showed he's still capable of relapses to his less effective self.

Tyler Chatwood pitched fairly well for four innings, only allowing two runs on five hits, including a Matt Kemp home run, but the four innings part shows that there's still plenty of room for improvement with Rockies pitching as well. Kemp would homer a second time against Josh Roenicke late in the game. Carlos Torres was one bright spot for the bullpen, as after Roenicke got pulled, Matt Reynolds allowed the Dodgers to get a first and third, no out jam, but Torres salvaged the inning with no further damage. The series wraps up tomorrow, with Los Angeles hoping to keep the pressure on St. Louis for the last wild card spot and the Rockies hoping to guarantee their avoidance of the 100 loss mark by picking up their 63rd win of the season.

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