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Purple Row Writer Search 2013: Posting Schedule

Make sure to check in to see who will be posting when in the Purple Row Writer Search 2013!

Everyone, thanks for your applications for the Purple Row Writer Search 2013! Now it's time for us to see your blogging skills in action -- and for you to see how this will work out for you during the regular season.

For this phase, we're going to ask you to provide four FanPosts over the span of two weeks, two Rockpiles, a game thread for a non-baseball team or sport that you're hopefully at least somewhat interested in, and a post-game wrap-up for the same.

I've asked for all of those that were interested to e-mail me a schedule of their availability, and for those that did, I have come up with the following posting calendar:

Date Rockpile Game Thread/Wrap
Sunday, 1/20 N/A N/A
Monday, 1/21 Charlie77 & NOLARox colorockies (Everton)
Tuesday, 1/22 Arimaris & kdomingos Purple Rox (Avalanche)
Wednesday, 1/23 alacy9513 kdomingos (Nuggets)
Thursday, 1/24 free7694, jaypdubya, & MalcolmPFloyd alacy9513 (Avalanche)
Friday, 1/25 Purple Rox, colorockies, & AFDenverFan Squalene203 (Lakers vs. Jazz)
Saturday, 1/26 Squalene203 & Justus cubobafett56 (Nuggets)
Sunday, 1/27 cubobafett56 & Purple Duke Purple Duke (CU BB)
Monday, 1/28 Charlie77 & NOLARox MalcolmPFloyd (Nuggets)
Tuesday, 1/29 Arimaris & kdomingos Charlie77 (Team USA Soccer)
Wednesday, 1/30 alacy9513 & MalcolmPFloyd free7694 (Arsenal) & jaypdubya (Nuggets)
Thursday, 1/31 free7694 & jaypdubya AFDenverFan (Avalanche)
Friday, 2/1 Purple Rox, colorockies, & AFDenverFan NOLARox (Nuggets)
Saturday, 2/2 Squalene203 & Justus colorockies (Avalanche)
Sunday, 2/3 cubobafett56 & Purple Duke Arimaris (Super Bowl)

For those listed, if you see some scheduling conflict, please let me know either in the comments to this thread or via e-mail so we can get it fixed.

For each of these posts, you'll need to create a FanPost. Here are a couple of things to remember:

  1. To create a FanPost, click the "Write a FanPost" button on the right side of the homepage
  2. After you've finished writing, click the "Run Auto Tag & Link" button, then in the "Topics" section, write "purple row writer search 2013" so that we can keep all of these posts straight
  3. If you have further questions feel free to ask them in the comments or via e-mail

These posts will be graded on a purely subjective basis by the staff of Purple Row. I'd be happy to offer feedback if you'd like (by e-mail). We will be bumping these FanPosts to the front page, so everybody will have an opportunity to add to the discussion.

For the Rockpile posts, please include at least one outgoing link to a Rockies related media source or blog (if one exists), more is preferable but not a necessity if the one link leads to a thoughtful post -- by no means does your post have to focus on that topic, but we like to keep our readers up on the latest Rockies news and analysis from around the web.

The post should be up by around 8 a.m. MST, but blogging isn't a set in stone exercise, so if you're a little later than that don't think it's an automatic dismissal. Since I have scheduled two Rockpile posts a day, the way you're going to set yourself apart is by expressing an opinion or offering some analysis in addition to the link(s). There's a LOT of competition this year, so bringing your A-game is a must!

For the Game Threads, we typically try to have them up one hour before the game begins, and frankly, I'm looking more for interaction in the comments than an in depth preview, particularly since going in depth on non-baseball sports might not tell me a whole lot.

The Game Wrap is up to you. It could be detailed, you could just do something humorous or brief, I don't know, surprise me. These two posts are mainly to give you an idea of how this would play out in your schedule during baseball season. The post-game wrap should typically be up no later than six hours after the game's over.

Please look through our archives for examples of Game Threads/Wraps or ask me any clarifying questions you might have.

Thank you everybody once again for the interest, and once again, let me know if there are issues with the schedule.

Purple Row Community Members: there's going to be a LOT of content on the front page over the next two weeks. The game threads/wraps will have a lot of sports you might not necessarily be interested in -- but I'd love it if you helped participate in them to show the prospective writers just what they're getting into -- and to help the staff make the best decision possible. Thanks!