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Sunday Rockpile: Russell Wilson may be Rockies best QB yet...

Russell Wilson's Seahawks take on the Redskins in the playoffs today, and with it we have a spattering of articles about the pro QB's days as a minor leaguer in the Rockies organization.


Contrary to his Rockies minor league career, Russell Wilson found quick success as an NFL quarterback for the Seahawks, guiding his team to a playoff appearance in his rookie year and putting up the league's fourth best passer rating. The Rockies still control Wilson, so should he ever decide to return to the diamond from the gridiron, it would be with Colorado's organization, but for the moment he seems to have made all the right decisions regarding his professional path.

Tracy Ringolsby takes a look at Wilson and talks to Rockies scouting coordinator Bill Schmidt about the QB. Besides sort of cracking the door open for a return to the club for Wilson at some distant point, the article actually provides some insight into how much time unrefined but potential laden athletes like Wilson are given in the Rockies system to make good on their promise, as Schmidt indicates the second baseman was "1,500 Minor League at-bats away from knowing what was going to happen." If we add that to the 315 Wilson had, it would seem raw Rockies are given about 1,800 AB's to show what they really are capable of in the minors.

My own suspicion is that Wilson wouldn't have been much different 1500 AB's later, that he would still be too strikeout prone to predict any sort of MLB success, but had he been able to improve his hitting skills, we'd be talking about a perennial All-Star next to Tulo.

Wilson's host family at the Rockies Tri-City affiliate in Washington state also reminisced on the two sport player that stayed with them one summer. And not that this is surprising, but for his own part, Wilson himself says putting the glove down and choosing football "was the best decision of his life." So yeah, about that returning to baseball thing? I wouldn't count on it.