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Sunday Rockpile: Ex-Rox that rock your socks

Let's be positive! Instead of feeling bitter toward our old Rockies love affairs, why not daydream about who it might be nice to go steady with again?


A discussion broke out on twitter a few days ago over which former, yet active, Colorado Rockies player is the fans least favorite? The poser of the question suggested the likely answer was Ubaldo Jiminez. Anyone who knows my feelings on the subject at all knows that I will defend Ubaldo loudly and proudly and persistently so I thought an interesting excercise might be to flip this whole idea around.

Let's be positive, which active ex-Rockie would you most like to see return?

Matt Holliday

Let's also make it clear that we aren't undoing the trades here. Assume that all of these players are free-agents and could simply choose to return tho the Rockies if they so desired. That in mind, Matt Holliday may be the slam-dunk choice. He was always great here, good attitude, consistent production, stays healthy and has the kind of attitude that keeps what is essentially a star-level player out of the headlines and drama that all-too-often engulf the world of sports.

The fact that the Cardinals look primed to win another World Series after losing their best player (well he was the best player) is a testament to the consistently underrated production of Matt Holliday. I'd take him back in an instant and really don't see much downside. He is welcome here.

Ubaldo Jimenez

That's right, I went there. I have made it well known that I find it tragically ironic that the bridge to Ubaldo was burned in the public eye. This is neither the time nor place to rehash history or take sides in what was an ugly episode that most of us would rather forget.

Instead, I'd like to argue simply that Ubaldo Jimenez is exactly the kind of player the Rockies need right now. For all the talk of how much his production plummeted, it is inarguable that Jimenez has had a greater positive impact on an MLB team than any of the pieces that were returned in the trade.

He has recently regained moments of brilliance and was a big part of the Indians success this season. Ubaldo actually is a free-agent this winter and it's just too bad the Rockies won't be in discussions with a solid 3-5 rotation pitcher who has proven an ability to be successful at Coors Field and probably still won't cost that much. Sigh.

Jason Hammel

Pretty much the exact same case as Ubaldo except downgraded and without any of the drama.

Clint Barmes

Oh Barmy, we hardly knew you, except that it turns out you are who we thought you were. I always loved Clint Barmes on a personal level (ok it's not like I ever met the guy but you know what I mean) and you could pencil him in for .250 and 20 HRs and solid defense up the middle every year. Not an exciting player but in a world of uncertainty at least you knew what you were going to get.

Let me know what I missed folks.

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