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Saturday Rockpile: Jose Canseco, hitting coach?

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The former slugger, author and steroid whistleblower wants to be the Rockies hitting coach in 2014.

Is this the face of the Rockies' new hitting coach? Probably not.
Is this the face of the Rockies' new hitting coach? Probably not.
Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

Yesterday, a certain former teammate of Rockies manager Walt Weiss, a rather infamous one, tweeted this:

To be fair, the Rockies have an opening and Canseco is (very) available, but this doesn't seem like the best idea, and not really one to be taken all that seriously.

Canseco tweeting about being the Rockies' hitting coach seems to be more along the lines of Vince Young tweeting about playing quarterback for the Texans or Terrell Owens offering his services to the Jets, I'm sure all of them would like those jobs, but people, especially the teams in question, aren't really taking them all that seriously.

In reality, I feel like someone like Canseco would a lot of the same problems as Dante Bichette did as hitting coach, given that during their careers they were more sluggers than hitters. If the Rockies hire a prominent ex-player for the job, I'd much rather see someone like Tony Gwynn or Todd Helton (not that either of them are available) that knows more about the art of hitting than just pure bashing the ball out of the park.

That said, I do appreciate Canseco tweeting about being the Rockies hitting coach, only because it might remind some people outside of the Mountain Time Zone that the team exists.


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