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2013 Colorado Rockies Player Reviews: Jonathan Herrera

Despite his misgivings, Jonathan Herrera is what he is. A fairly solid bench player, with good infield versatility and the ability to handle himself adequately at the plate. Herrera may not wow you, but he can provide good defensive depth.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Jonathan Herrera was probably a bit under appreciated in 2013 by many Rockies fans, myself included. Obviously, we aren't talking about a tremendous player with unlimited upside, but there is something to be said for a guy that put up a positive WAR of 0.3 in appearing in nearly half (81 GP) the teams' games.

The misgivings with Herrera are apparent, no pop, no speed and at age 28, he has likely reached his big league potential. What Herrera does bring to the table though is often overlooked. Solid defense at multiple infield positions and the ability to take good situational at bats.

Did Herrera significantly improve the Rockies chances of winning a game on any given day? No, but he also fills in adequately enough to not harm the team as well. In other words, he held his own in 2013. There are certainly many other players in the league that could do what Herrera does, but sometimes finding a player that will come to work everyday and be happy with his role is one that shouldn't be overlooked.

There always seems to be certain intangibles at play with Herrera that can't be explained purely by numbers either. Jeff Huson for one (take that for what it's worth) raves about how Herrera effects the clubhouse with his upbeat personality and constant smile. Apparently guys like this are needed on every team. Is that necessarily a winning team? Well, in this case no, but maybe Herrera can be a that guy in the future that Rockies fans come to appreciate for going about his business the right way.

2013 Grade with the Rockies: C

2013 - Jonathan Herrera 81 195 16 57 7 2 1 16 14 24 3 2 .292 .336 .404


I'm sure Herrera will somehow sneak onto the Rockies Opening Day Roster in 2014. His skill set isn't changing. So, if the Rockies decide they need that type of player to be the 25th man on the roster, it wouldn't surprise me.