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Thursday Rockpile: 2014 begins

Boston takes home the trophy that has escaped the Rockies' grasp for 21 years.

Jamie Squire

Happy Halloween everyone!  With their win last night, the Red Sox have ended the 2013 season in a familiar fashion for Rockies fans who remember the team's lone trip to the World Series in 2007.  Wasn't it easier to like Red Sox fans back when they had to deal with a supposed curse?  The good news for us fans of the purple clad team is that the off-season now begins.

We all will have to slog through the process together, but it will not be long before the team has a chance to fill some of the holes that kept them from being a contender in 2013.  This will give the team's front office a chance to show how serious they are in improving the team.  Their offer to Abreau was a little surprising (in a good way) but now will be the time to see whether they did this with the expectation to be outbid, so that they can say they tried, or if they were serious about finding fixes.

You, the readers and commenters, have made this a wonderful season on Purple Row and I look forward to all of the discussions through the winter as we discuss the team's moves.  Without further fanfare, here are your links for the day.

Internet News

Carlos Gonzalez explains how he tricks base runners into trying to run on him, if only they watched television they would know how futile their attempts are.

As expected from the East Coast, there is discussion about why David Wright should have won the Gold Glove over Nolan Arenado.  His backhanded complements are bad enough, but it is obviously that this guy hasn't watched Nolan Arenado when he makes comments like, "No other third baseman in baseball charges a slow ground ball to the left side of the infield the way Wright does."

In a slap to the face of baseball traditionalists, David Ortiz became the third designated hitter to win the World Series MVP (whoever said Paul Molitor and Hideki Matsui as the other two knows their baseball trivia).

That is all for today as most talk is about the World Series.  Discuss below or go to the OFF TOPIC for non-baseball talk.