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Friday Rockpile: Let's get Carlos Beltran

Is Carlos Beltran a perfect fit for the Rockies?

Al Bello

Happy post-Halloween everybody; I hope your candy hangovers aren't too severe. Today I want to talk about an acquisition I want the Rockies to make this offseason.

Carlos Beltran is a really good player. In his career he's accrued 64.1 fWAR, which is nine more than Todd Helton, for frame of reference. He's coming off two strong years in St. Louis. He's played more than 140 games three consecutive years, indicating that his injury woes may be behind him. And he's a free agent. Let's go get him.

Dick Monfort said in a letter to season ticket holders that the organization is looking for a big bat to plug into right field as Michael Cuddyer moves to first base. Did you know that Beltran is a right fielder? Well, he is! Is he a big bat? Well, he hit .296/.339/.491 with 24 homers for the Cardinals in 2013. That qualifies as a big bat in my book.

Beltran is coming off a two-year, $26 million contract, and after his productive stint in St. Louis, the soon-to-be 36-year-old outfielder will likely want a similar deal. Can the Rockies afford that? It's hard to say, but according to Troy Renck, the Rockies offered Cuban first baseman Jose Abreu more than $10 million per year. If they have that much to throw around, surely they could find another $3 million somewhere.

Such a signing would come with risk. Beltran is getting older, and those surgically repaired knees feel like a ticking time bomb. He could break down, and the last thing the Rockies need is another injury-prone player. Furthermore, his defense seems to be regressing quickly; Fangraphs had him at minus-21 runs in 2013, which is pretty awful. But the Rockies have never really been shy about plugging a sub-par defender in right.

So ... check out this lineup:

1. Fowler

2. Beltran

3. Gonzalez

4. Tulowitzki

5. Cuddyer

6. Rosario

7. Arenado

8. LeMahieu/Rutledge

9. Pitcher/DH eventually, God willing

I can get behind that.