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Sunday Rockpile: Good things are worth waiting for?

Purple Row, a place to come and discuss Rockies baseball regardless of the time of year, the amount of news available, or the ability of yours truly to provide you with quality content.

Dustin Bradford

Greetings, denizens of Purple Row. This will not be the Sunday Rockpile you were promised. A week ago I set out on a mission to find a common understanding between the ultimate believers in the power of sabermetrics and those who are so weary of the newer stats that they dismiss them out-of-hand.

My intention was to begin this week with a discussion of base running statistics, including BRR, but alas, much like the developers of Duke Nukem Forever, I must delay this project for the sake of its own integrity. Also I woke up this morning with a blistering head-ache, and can't look at a screen long enough to finish up such an in-depth piece.

I apologize personally to the eight of you who were really excited about this project. Better for it to be complete, and it soon shall be.

In the meantime, I offer this Rockpile as a peace offering, an olive branch of sorts to anyone and everyone who wishes to discuss the baseball issues of the day in a warm, loving, and undeniably purple, environment. For surely, if you are reading this you have taken time away for your Sunday worship of choice to think about baseball.

And there is no better place on earth to do that than Purple Row, even when your resident hazy writer doesn't plan out research well enough to allow for the possibility of last-minute nonsense to ruin an otherwise perfectly lovely Sunday.

I will, however, like a true jackass, take this opportunity, to ask you to help me with the future of the rest of the look into sabermetrics by answering the question I should have asked last week in the poll below.