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Thursday Rockpile: Could Rockies have acquired Prince Fielder?

For those who haven't heard, the Detroit Tigers sent Prince Fielder and cash to the Rangers for Ian Kinsler. Could the Rockies have made a similar trade for the slugger?

Scott Boehm

In the first blockbuster trade of the off-season, the Tigers were able to offload a seven year contract that they couldn't afford with their other talent and the Rangers made room in their crowded middle infield while also picking up an impact left-handed bat. The question I look at today is whether or not the Rockies should have tried to help the Tigers out with their "problem" before the Rangers could have.

With the Rockies unwillingness to move any young talent from their system, the only way they will be able to make a significant trade is if they can buy low and work with teams that have bad contracts. Both of these were true with Prince Fielder as he had his worst season of his career last year and the seven years totaling $168 million is something that the Tigers had to do when they had injuries but not something that they can sustain with the cost of their rotation about to increase significantly. Can the Rockies afford Fielder's contract straight up? No, but let me give you a proposal to think about.

The Tigers sent $30 million dollars with Fielder and will have to pay Kinsler $62 million over the next four years. In a deal with the Rockies, Colorado could have sold high on Cuddyer ($10.5 million for one year) and pushed for another $30 million from Detroit. Yes Fielder still would have been expensive for Colorado but they would have him at a huge discount. He would be getting paid $24 million a year but the Rockies would only be paying $15 million a year for his services.

Could this deal actually have been made? I do not know. But Cuddyer is a bigger bat and significantly less cost for the Tigers. Would Prince be someone that the Rockies would want? A power left handed bat would be great for the lineup but his defense is questionable and I do not know anything about how his personality would fit in with the Rockies.


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