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Brett Anderson Trade: Reactions from around the Internet

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This trade has been much more positively received by the Internet

Ezra Shaw

The Rockies made their second trade in a week, acquiring pitcher Brett Anderson from the Oakland A's in exchange for pitchers Drew Pomeranz and Chris Jensen. I'll have my thoughts on the trade up later this morning, but here's a collection of thoughts about it from around the Internet:

Rockies acquire Brett Anderson from Athletics for Drew Pomeranz and Chris Jensen -

Nuts and bolts on the trade, plus a humorous Tweet from an A's prospect.

Rockies roll the dice on Brett Anderson, trade Drew Pomeranz to A's - The Denver Post

Troy Renck's take on the deal:

"Uncomfortable making a play for mediocre free agents because of a tight budget, the Rockies traded for starter Brett Anderson on Tuesday, a move to get a pitcher with upside and under the team's control for potentially two seasons".

A’s trade Brett Anderson for two younger pitchers - Oakland Athletics : The Drumbeat

A's beat writer Susan Slusser's article on the deal, with some great quotes from Oakland GM Billy Beane:

"From the Rockies end, they're probably getting him at a great time," Beane said. "He's been through the Tommy John (surgery). He's always been motivated. He's a hard worker, and this is the time to get him, because the cost of acquisition a couple of years ago on Brett, well there really wasn't one. He was an untouchable."

Oakland Sends Lottery Ticket Brett Anderson To Colorado | FanGraphs Baseball

From Mike Petriello at Fangraphs:

"If you strictly adhere to the rule of 'the team getting the best player wins the trade,' well, then that's probably Colorado. It's a lot easier to see Anderson adding value then Pomeranz; of course, it's a lot easier to see Anderson spending months at a time on the disabled list too".

Oakland Athletics-Colorado Rockies deal makes sense for both - ESPN

Keith Law of ESPN Insider is in favor of this deal for the Rockies:

"The trade for Brett Anderson is exactly the kind of deal the Colorado Rockies should be making -- rolling the dice on a pitcher with some upside, accepting the risk as the price they have to pay to get someone whose stuff and command could make a real difference pitching at Coors Field."

Athletics trade Brett Anderson to Rockies for Drew Pomeranz, pitching prospect Chris Jensen - Minor League Ball

Prospect guru Jon Sickels breaks down the deal:

"Both Anderson and Pomeranz might improve with a fresh start and a new system. Anderson has a better track record when healthy, but it has been three years since he's been that way. Pomeranz is a talented enigma, and while Jensen is a stereotyped Grade C prospect, he will eat some innings in the high minors and has an outside chance as a fifth starter or bullpen asset."

Baseball Prospectus | Transaction Analysis: Brett Anderson at Altitude

Ben Lindburgh and Co. at Baseball Prospectus have quite a bit of good insight on the deal. Here's a clip from their Anderson analysis:

"Stuff-wise, Anderson is as good a fit for Coors Field as any pitcher. His groundball rate ranks fifth among pitchers who've thrown at least 150 innings over the past three seasons, which should help him avoid the fate that befalls fly-ball pitchers in the thin air of Denver. He also relies on a slider, the better breaking ball to bring to his new ballpark".

Rockies get Brett Anderson in challenge trade with A's | The Strike Zone -

Finally, Jay Jaffe at Sports Illustrated has his take on the trade:

"This is essentially a challenge trade, with both teams hoping that time and a change of scenery will allow their new lefty to unlock some of the vast potential scouts previously saw in him...The Rockies have added a pitcher who's at least equipped to survive in their uniquely difficult environment, and who has been part of a recently successful team. In all, this is a deal where both teams got something to like."