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Dexter Fowler Trade: Reactions from around the Internet

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The verdict is in: the Internet hates the Dexter Fowler trade for the Rockies

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Here's the situation: Dexter Fowler actually got traded today to the Houston Astros in exchange for Jordan Lyles and Brandon Barnes. I'll have a more lengthy take on the subject in tomorrow's Rockpile, but in order to tide you over until then, I've curated a list of what others think about it.

After all, it's been about eight hours since word of the trade broke, which is an eternity in Internet time. Here's a selection of the reactions the Internet has to this deal, categorized by the writer's feelings about the deal.

Writer likes it for the Rockies



Crickets. I guess nobody was thrilled with the Lyles/Barnes package.

Writer likes it for the Astros

The Astros SB Nation blog, the Crawfish Boxes, sure loves this trade. Often when you get a big trade like this the opposition's fans will be upset that their team gave up XYZ, even if it's a completely ridiculous point of view. There really wasn't even any of that here.

TCB also has a great round-up of Twitter reactions to the trade from baseball writers the world over. Spoiler alert: there's not a lot of love for the Rockies in there. This one is the most apt:

Steven Goldman for SB Nation thinks that the Rockies erred in trading away their most patient hitter.

David Schoenfield of ESPN's SweetSpot really doesn't get it for the Rockies.

Jeff Sullivan of Fangraphs frames the trade as a bet that Lyles will really improve. Given his description on Lyles, it doesn't seem that he feels Colorado will win the deal.

Sam Miller of Baseball Prospectus is really not feeling good about Lyles or Barnes as a return.

Writer likes it for both sides

Keith Law (?!?) of ESPN Insider was very surprised by the trade, but he doesn't hate the deal for the Rockies because he likes Lyles and the salary relief the Rockies got.

Writer doesn't like it for anyone

This article on the fantasy baseball implications of the trade doesn't like it for anybody in the deal...and the writer's really only looking at the winners/losers through the individual lens. He likes the trade for the Astros too.

This day is the worst.