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Tuesday Rockpile: On Larry Walker's Hall of Fame chances

Larry Walker is losing ground in the Hall of Fame voting. Is it because of a loaded ballot, or have the writers already made up their mind on the longtime Rockie?

Christian Petersen

Roughly 14 percent of the 2014 Hall of Fame votes have been collected by Baseball Think Factory, and if that sample holds up, four players will be inducted into Cooperstown this year.

Former Colorado Rockies star Larry Walker won't be one of them.

Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, Frank Thomas and Craig Biggio are on pace to exceed the 75 percent of the vote needed for election. In the case of Maddux, he'll be giving some of the top vote-getters in history a run for their money, as he's been named on all 80 ballots that were made public as of Tuesday morning. Walker, on the other hand, has received only 11.5 percent of votes, which is about half as many as he got on the inductee-less ballot from 2013.

There are more than a few voters who refuse to use the 10 allotted spots on their ballots and this year's class is a terrific one, so Walker's poor showing in the 2014 vote doesn't necessarily spell complete doom. However, being that he's a borderline candidate as it is, dropping that far raises a fair amount of concern that the voters have already made up their minds.

I wrote a profile on Walker for SB Nation that explains why he's worthy and why he's not, and that should post sometime within the next week. It goes a little bit beyond the whole "home vs. road" argument, although that's probably the main thing holding him back. But, if too many of Troy Renck's BBWAA colleagues share his opinion, there could be other reasons as well.