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Sunday Rockpile: Rockies Weiss bringing mean streets of high school to clubhouse.

A rundown of the Sunday notes doesn't reveal much more of note in the actions of the Rockies, but they are at least saying the right things.

The Cubs are burying their season early this year...
The Cubs are burying their season early this year...

Another short Rockpile today as I try to squeeze blogging in whilst working on other things, sorry.

Todd Helton is scheduled to address the media today for the first time since news broke of his arrest on suspicion of DUI and Troy Renck has a brief write up of what to expect from it. Other notes include a brief about Carlos Gonzalez being behind on his swing, well his golf swing at least and Adam Ottavino notes that Jose Reyes is jacked.

Meanwhile, Rockies manager Walt Weiss assures us that he will "be real" in his first talk to the team. Given his most recent profession, this can only mean a Jaime Escalante type of narrative taken from life in the mean halls of Regis Jesuit. Fill the hole, Rockies, fill the hole. Perhaps more troubling is the note on Edwar Cabrera's shoulder pain that has him shut down for a little while. Spring shoulder troubles often snowball into season ending catastrophe for pitchers, and while Cabrera's not at the top of the Rockies rotation depth chart, with the way the team typically has to cycle through arms, every pitching loss tends to hurt.

Patrick Saunders goes in depth about Wilin Rosario's determination to prove himself as a catcher. Rosario's bat would be enough to make him an individual star at the position, it could wind up being enough to make him a star at any position, but if he does figure out a way to block the plate and maybe even catch pitches that are a bit off of it, the Rockies will actually benefit in their win/loss record as a team rather than just Rosario gaining the individual glory his offensive exploits will bring.