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Game Thread: Colorado Rockies @ Arizona Diamondbacks

Spring Training Begins Anew

Christian Petersen

It's the first spring training game of the year! Or at least the first one in which the Rockies aren't playing themselves. Today's game pits the strong, but perplexing Arizona Diamondbacks against our beloved Colorado Rockies. Certainly both teams will be using the game today's as a starting point to feel out their new acquisitions, see where young players are making strides (or not) and begin the long, arduous task of putting together a 25 man roster that can compete.

Tyler Skaggs takes the mound for the DBacks against TBD for the Rockies, which coincidentally may be the Rockies best pitcher this season.

Colorado's starting lineup:

1. CF Dexter Fowler

2. 2B Josh Rutledge

3. LF Carlos Gonzalez

4. SS Troy Tulowitzki

5. RF Michael Cuddyer

6. C Wilin Rosario

7. CF Tyler Colvin

8. DH Jordan Pacheco

9. 3B Chris Nelson

Gameday link here

I'll be on the lookout for these three things today. What are you looking for?