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Tuesday Game Thread: Colorado Rockies at Chicago Cubs

Today is a preview of two of 2013's potentially most exciting pitchers.

Christian Petersen

Today we get to take a look at Jhoulys Chacin, who is gearing up for his appearance representing Venezuela in the WBC, and Jorge De La Rosa, who has faced a long road of recovery back to health. I am excited to see what both of these guys bring, but I am more eager to see what De La Rosa will be able to bring. I'm not expecting Phoenix De La Rosa, but I'm hoping we don't get Zombie/Tormented Frankenstein Monster De La Rosa either.

The Rockies' lineup will start off facing Edwin Jackson, acquired by the Cubs from Washington during the offseason. Game time is 1:05 PM.



Colvin CF
Culberson 2B
CarGo LF
Cuddyer RF
Paulsen 1B
Hernandez C
Ryan Wheeler 3B
McBride DH
Herrera SS
Chacin P


DeJesus CF
Castro SS
Rizzo 1B
Soriano DH
Brett Jackson LF
Navarro C
Lillibridge 2B
Villanueva 3B
Chavez RF
Edwin Jackson P

Follow the action on's Gameday, or listen live on 850 KOA (I think -BK).

Go Rockies!