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Thursday Rockpile: How can Rockies make playoffs? Surviving plague might help.

The notes from Thursday reveal to us that the Rockies at least aren't the Astros, and Eric Young Jr's chances of making the team this season seem a lot better than they did in 2012.

Eric Young seems much more likely to make the Rockies roster this season.
Eric Young seems much more likely to make the Rockies roster this season.

According to Baseball Prospectus' PECOTA projections, the Rockies are the fifth least likely team to make the playoffs in 2013. Grant Brisbee doesn't let that stop him from finding a way that Colorado makes it into the postseason anyway, but keep in mind the writing exercise even has him finding a way for the Astros to make it in, with "epidemiological crisis" only appearing in quotes as if that wasn't exactly what PECOTA's predicting once every 500 times it goes through the simulations. The CDC better get to Baseball Prospectus' offices quick to find out what PECOTA knows. Of course, PECOTA already knows that the CDC is going to be coming to investigate, so it's probably buried any evidence that its become sentient as well as prescient. We're all pretty much doomed as a species at this point, as far as I can tell. Thank you very much for your gift to humanity, Nate Silver.

Meanwhile, Eric Young Jr.'s place on the 25 man roster seems much more like a foregone conclusion than it was last season where he was truly battling for a position. Young's speed and improved plate abilities make him a weapon worth keeping around on offense.

Tim Brown at Yahoo! catches up with Walt Weiss and writes that the Rockies new manager isn't under any illusions about the quality of the team he inherits. The one quality that Weiss seems to exhibit most in these interviews is an even keel when it comes to his preparation and leadership style.

While Wilin Rosario's three hit day quieted any reservations about how he'd manage offensively after coming back from a tight hamstring yesterday, Christian Friedrich also apparently has been improving and was scheduled to throw out of the bullpen yesterday.

One former Rockies minor league infielder that floundered but then found a career renaissance as a relief pitchergave useful advice to help another do the same, it turns out, as Pedro Strop advised Esmil Rogers when both were in the Rockies system, and the two are still so close that Strop has named a son Rogerni in honor of his friend. Neither of course, blossomed while still with the Rockies.