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Friday Rockpile: The Cost of Elite Pitching

If there is any aspect of the GM game the Rockies won't partake in, it is paying market value for elite pitching. At that market price, would you want them to?

Jonathan Ferrey

The Rockies' projected starting rotation is due to make roughly $15 million total in 2013, $11 million of which is going solely to Jorge de la Rosa. By contrast, ten different MLB pitchers made $15 million or more in 2012 all by themselves, and three of those had their paychecks signed by the division and World Series champion Giants.

High salary rotations are just not going to be the Rockies' game plan, not with the current perception (or even reality) that pitchers are such great health risks a mile above sea level. In a way, that provides some sort of advantage in roster construction. We know the majority of financial resources are likely to be utilized on the offensive side of the game, thereby equalizing their payroll allowance for offense to organizations with higher payrolls...they just have to wait until they get lucky with a few good scrapheap or developed arms.

At any rate, Rockies fans are not likely to be digesting news any time soon like Mariners fans are digesting right now....that their team just devoted $175million to one man's arm, namely the right arm of Felix Hernandez. Keep in mind that this Mariners team finished dead last in the AL West, 14 games behind the next team. They scored fewer runs than 27 MLB clubs, and their payroll was just $3million more than the Rockies.

Given the SOP of the Rockies, it is kind of difficult to imagine shelling out a 7-year contract, even to a 26-year-old prodigy, giving him the richest contract signed by a pitcher in MLB history. As it often seems to be the case, ZiPS projects Hernandez to be worth almost identically that salary total , meaning they are paying for him to average roughly 4.3 WAR per season over seven years.

He is certainly capable of reaching that level given his past performance, but even considering the hometown hero requirement, one can't help but think of the opportunity cost in addressing the offense...or worse, if his production declines. Hernandez was not even set to be a free agent for two years, and the pitching leaderboards from two years ago are quite the cautionary tale: Tim Lincecum, Josh Johnson, Ubaldo Jimenez, Dan Haren, Adam Wainwright, Francisco Liriano...

It could be worse, I suppose. Hernandez is absolutely a top pitcher in the game, and they are paying him from ages 26-33 at a 4.3 WAR level he has attained many times. That's certainly better than paying a pitcher from ages 28-36 to pitch at a 5.0 WAR level that he had attained just once. I have my qualms about devoting so much money to one man's arm, but there is no doubt that Hernandez' contract is much more sensible than the nightmare from December 2000.


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