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Purple Row Welcomes Seven New Writers

The Purple Row Writer Search produced a plethora of great writer candidates. Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to the seven who were selected!

First and foremost, I was overwhelmed by the amount of great entries we received from our 15 (!!) Purple Row Writer Search candidates. It's always great to read fresh new perspectives from Rockies fans - increasing the diversity of voices and the breadth of analysis on the site was a major reason why we conducted this search.

When I announced the search a few weeks ago, I mentioned that the number of writer openings was fluid depending on the quality of entries received. That certainly wasn't a problem with this lot. However, you did make narrowing down the list very difficult in our internal staff discussions and within the comments by our community's members.

We were able to come to a pretty good consensus on our top 7 though, and we're happy to announce the new writers for Purple Row (in alphabetical order):


I will be emailing the seven writers above later today with more information - and a request for a short bio from each that I will compile into a post on Monday allowing you to get to know the new writers.

Again, thanks to everyone who participated in the writer search! We valued all of your contributions and look forward to seeing your comments and fanposts in the near future.