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Game Wrap: Dodgers 6, Rockies 1

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Jeff Francis and the Rockies lost this afternoon to Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers.

Nick Laham

It was all going so well for Jeff Francis through four innings. Only 50-51 pitches, no runs allowed, and he had a one run lead thanks to Dexter Fowler getting a base hit and then moving over and scoring via a couple of outs and an error in the first inning. Then, the fifth inning happened.

A few seeing eye singles, including one by Clayton Kershaw, made it a 2-1 Rockies deficit. A pitching change and another RBI single later led to Juan Uribe coming up to the plate and he sent a Parker Frazier offering out of the park to complete the scoring on the day. Several innings started off well for the Rockies after that, but they could not put hits together to start a rally.

On a good note, the bullpen was solid after the fifth inning, not giving up a run. Tune in tomorrow as the Rockies face off against the Chicago White Sox at 2:05 MDT.

What you may have missed: The USA advanced to the next round of the WBC by beating Canada 9-4 Sunday.