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Game Wrap: Colorado 4, Arizona 3 as squadron soundly skewers snakes

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The Rockies came away with the victory in Tuesday's game against the division rival Diamondbacks in front of a sell-out crowd at Salt River Fields.

Rich Pilling

8. This is the number of groundouts that Tyler Chatwood induced. While I am about as skeptical about Chatwood as I am of the other pitchers vying for the 5th rotation slot (which is very), that number is a compelling argument in his favor. My enthusiasm is tempered by the fact that the lineup we saw today was far from the major league lineup the team will face during the regular season.

As Troy Renck reminds us, Dexter Fowler's performance this spring is night and day from his slump last year. While spring training performances in and of themselves are meaningless, I am encouraged by this, since to me it signifies that Fowler has settled in to who he is as a hitter. I think a relaxed, comfortable Dexter will be a great asset to the lineup come April 1st.

Wilin Rosario's performance was strong offensively but demonstrated the same defensive weaknesses that I dread to see from a starting catcher. With less than three weeks left until Opening Day, I am confident that he can improve but I am not confident that he can improve in any significant way.

Jhoulys Chacin also threw in a simulated game and there is some rare spring training video here. Chacin threw 5 scoreless "innings" against Kent Matthes and Tim Wheeler. Chacin will face the Giants next on Sunday.