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Thursday Rockpile: Jorge De La Rosa righting the ship, just in time

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Thursday's roundups included encouraging notes on the recoveries of Jorge De La Rosa and Troy Tulowitzki.

Stephen Dunn

If I were to raise my hopes for the 2013 season, it would be that the Rockies reach a point of mediocrity, or at least near mediocrity. As a bar to cross, this isn't very high, but of course we all know 2012. Which is what makes yesterday's Jorge De La Rosa start so encouraging. For the Rockies to be mediocre, they need starters like JDLR to have games like yesterday at fairly relative intervals. Not every time out, we're not expecting playoff contention, but enough to get to that point of non-embarrassment I envision. To date this Spring, De La Rosa hadn't shown that he's capable of even that, which had me anticipating that yes, the Rockies were going to be as every bit embarrassing as most of the pundits and models suggest, but finally, yesterday, a glimmer of hope. Woot, Spring.

More on that at the official site.

Charlie Culberson has a World Series ring that probably has some catchy Giants motto like "Magic happens with juiced players, not juiced balls" engraved on it.

Troy Tulowitzki's full stop, without pain, when he got the stop signal rounding third is a good sign that he's healthy.