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Saturday Rockpile: Rockies make additional roster cuts

The Rockies sent five more players to minor league camp on Friday as we sit just two weeks away from the team's spring training finale.

Christian Petersen

The Colorado Rockies made their latest round of roster cuts prior their victory over the Chicago Cubs on Friday night, according to Patrick Saunders, sending five players -- including one who figured to be in the mix for a big-league spot -- down to minor league camp.

Pitchers Joe Gardner, Will Harris and Josh Sullivan, as was outfielder Tim Wheeler and infielder Ryan Wheeler, were sent down. None of the moves are really much of a surprise, but Ryan Wheeler perhaps had the best shot of making the roster of any of the five. Jonathan Herrera, Chris Nelson and DJ LeMahieu should all be feeling just a little bit better this weekend.

Remember -- for everything you need to know about the Rockies' MLB and MiLB rosters, check out Rockies Roster, which is constantly updated throughout the offseason, spring training and the regular season.


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