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Game Wrap: Mariners 5, Rockies 2

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Pomeranz' pitched mostly pretty well in an attempt to nail down a rotation spot but would be tagged with 4 runs.


Not much offense for the Rockies in this one. Nolan Arenado has slowed down considerably since getting off to a hot start, going 0-3, dropping his BA to .276, and giving more credence to the those who believe he needs more time in the minors.

Drew Pomeranz pitched with good location, velocity, and efficiency, giving up singles here and there but the Mariners strung some together and got a solo home run from Kendrys Morales in the fifth to total 3 runs for the inning. Pomeranz line would stand at 5 IP, 4 ER, 1 BB, 5Ks.

Eric Young Jr. got a hit in the 1st and scored on a sacrifice fly from Wilin Rosario. That and Charlie Blackmon's two doubles were the most exciting offensive moments of the day.

Not a whole lot going on in this one. I'm ready for these games to start counting.