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Sunday Rockpile: Happy Green Cap Day! Let's all make equally poor fashion choices in celebration!

Notes from Sunday show that Drew Pomeranz looked good at first, but then was not good later in a loss and Charlie Blackmon returns from his knee infection to find a crowded house in the Rockies outfield.

Kevork Djansezian

Top o' the middle o' the morning to you...

I was thinking yesterday about what it would take to make me more optimistic for the Rockies season in 2013, to go beyond hopes of mediocrity into something far more positive, and it comes mostly down to improved command and secondary offerings of most of the starting rotation. Case in point, Drew Pomeranz, whose fastball is good enough to be contender rotation worthy, but because the rest of the repertoire lags, he finds himself in trouble as MLB hitters adjust and he wears down. So we end up in a scenario where four innings will be just fine and dandy like yesterday, but the second and third time through the lineup become nightmares. In small pictures Pomeranz, Jorge De La Rosa, Jhoulys Chacin and Juan Nicasio all show flashes of being above average starters, but in the big picture, none have shown enough consistency with that stuff to make me comfortable predicting more good starts than bad this season, and yesterday's game will be how many go in the pitching deep NL West if that continues.

What's more, I do like the team's offense, but I need to see some regular season proof that the defense has improved before trusting that much of that advantage at the plate won't be given up in the field. So there you have it improved consistency and craft in the rotation, and showing, not telling that there's improvement defensively will start to break my cold jaded Rockies fan heart.

Finally, in case you haven't noticed by reading years of this blog. I'm usually a terrible jinx. Believe me, you don't want me predicting Rockies success if you're a fan of the team.

Anyway, on to other notes:

Charlie Blackmon had a solid return from a knee infection, but there's no room at the inn for him... Eric Young Jr. and Tyler Colvin "need" to be in the Rockies lineup somehow. Well, Young needs to be according to the article anyway. Colvin maybe doesn't have to, but already seems pretty well assured of a spot. The point is that with myriad other bench options that have longer MLB track records and have had healthier Springs, it seems almost certain that Blackmon starts the year in the minors.