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Game Thread: Colorado Rockies at San Francisco Giants

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With a mighty fine looking lineup as well

Ezra Shaw

The Colorado Rockies are trotting out what could be the opening day lineup in tonight's 8:10 match up against the San Francisco Giants. The 11-10 Rockies are starting Drew Pomeranz while the 10-11 Giants send Matt Cain to the hill. Pomeranz is still vying for that 5th starter spot, and Drew can do himself a big favor by pitching well tonight. Certified Rockie-killer and all-around good pitcher Matt Cain is a difficult draw, but it should help the squad get in shape for the rapidly looming regular season. Also, it can't hurt for them to get an early preview of Cain's arsenal while the games don't matter.

As we draw ever nearer to real baseball (only ten days!), the starters are going to stay in longer and the pitchers are going to throw more innings. Squint your eyes and this could almost be a regular season game.

Rockies Lineup

Fowler (8)

Rutledge (4)

Gonzalez (7)

Tulowitzki (6)

Cuddyer (9)

Helton (3)

Rosario (2)

Nelson (5)

Pomeranz (1)

Giants Lineup










Watch/listen here.