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Rockies Looking To Stabilize Rotation

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Drew Pomeranz and Christian Friedrich are dueling each other for a spot in the Rockies rotation. Also Tyler Anderson pitched yesterday in minor league action.

Scott Cunningham

Denver Post writer Troy Renck mentions in his Twitter feed that the Rockies could have interest in free agent Kyle Lohse. But he would be shocked if Kyle Lohse returned the interest. Because of the type of free agent Lohse falls under, the Rockies would lose a second round pick if they signed him as a free agent.

Drew Pomeranz is trying to fight off Christian Friedrich for a spot in the rotation. He survived yesterday's start against the Giants, giving up 10 hits in five innings pitched. As Thomas Harding writes, Friedrich maintains his quest for the rotation this afternoon as he makes his second start of the Spring following back issues.

On the minor league front, yesterday I watched pitcher Tyler Anderson make an attempt to impress the front office in a Double-A game against the Diamondbacks affiliate. Anderson worked multiple innings and was shelled, giving up six earned runs. Several hits were off of broken bat bloopers and Tyler's outing went downhill after traffic started to buildup on the basepaths. Overheard Dan O'Dowd and Rockies Director of Player Development Jeff Bridich discussing Tyler's future. They really like his curve, love his changeup and find his delivery unique enough to overcome his lack of velocity. Tyler uses a double toe tap in his windup to throw off the batters timing. Where he'll end up is up in the air, at the end of the conversation O'Dowd seemed unsure of where exactly to start him this minor league season.

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