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Game Thread: Jon Garland V. Aaron Harang

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Is Jon Garland a shot in the dark or a potential rock in the rotation? Rockies fans get their first look tonight. Rockies vs. Dodgers.


Jon Garland makes his Colorado Rockies debut tonight against the Los Angeles Dodgers after being brought in and shaking up the roster a bit. Opening day is closing in and the roster is filling up pretty quickly. Management still seems torn on what to do with Nolan Arenado. Our own Jordan Freemeyer has an interesting take and started a great conversation on this topic here recently. He bats 6th tonight.

The Rockies are using these final Spring Training Games to finalize the roster, especially at third base, utility infield, and relief pitcher.

Also, Wilin Rosario can hit a baseball really far. Newsflash, I know.

Aaron Harang goes for the Dodgers who I'm sure are hoping to be shaping up for a big season after spending nearly half the nations GDP acquiring a squad chalk full of 2009 all stars. (I still picked them to win the division... sigh.)



1. CF Young

2. 2B Brignac

3. LF Gonzalez

4. 1B Cuddyer

5. RF Colvin

6. 3B Arenado

7. C Hernandez

8. SS Hererra

9. P Garland


1. LF Crawford

2. 2B Ellis

3. CF Kemp

4. 1B Gonzlez

5. RF Ethier

6. SS Cruz

7. 3B Uribe

8. C Ellis

9. P Harang


All eyes on Jon Garland. And Nolan Arenado. And the bullpen. Go team!