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Sunday Rockpile: Weiss' Journey

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It's a brand new season. Let's do this!


It's almost time, can you smell the baseball?

There was a little crossing of the wires on my part, and the Rockpile was a little delayed. Anyhow, lets get right to some relevant links.

The Denver Post has a nice piece from Troy Renck on Walt Weiss' journey from humble beginnings to big league manager. Sometimes it feels a little silly, but I'm excited to see the mid-90's Rockies back together again. We will see how romantic I feel about all that after a month of the season.

Forbes has come out with its most valuable teams list, Woody Paige reports that the Rockies are 25 among 30 MLB teams.

In our first game/series preview of the 2013 season, Tracy Ringolsby writes about two team looking for identity. An interesting note from the piece is the Brewers' insistence that they are not in a rebuilding mode. I happen to agree and think their potent offense and improved rotation could surprise some people.

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the MLB "Why They Play" video featuring Carlos Gonzalez.

Also, thank to Greg Stanwood for posting these in the Yorvit Torrealba piece, but the Rockies affiliates announced their rosters as well.


I hope you've made all your preseason predictions, fantasy roster moves, and smack talking, cause here come the game that count!