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Game Wrap: Rockies 6, Cubs 3

The Rockies were able to capitalize on a strong offensive performance as Jeff Francis proved his consistency this spring.

Christian Petersen

The 2012 rotation was plagued by injuries, inconsistency, and instability. It is no small wonder then that, other than the superlative performance of Nolan Arenado so far, the highlight of spring training has been Jeff Francis displaying his return to form - in short, everything that last year was not.

Although his fastball is stuck in the mid-80s, he is a finesse pitcher who has achieved some success at Coors- which is rare to see, and bodes well for a great comeback. Here's to hoping that this performance - or at the very least a consistent one - can be maintained throughout the season.

The Rockies were able to capitalize in a big way on Scott Feldman's weak performance for the Cubs, including a two-run home run off the bat of Wilin Rosario. More heartening, for me, is this piece highlighting Rosario's improved defense and confidence behind the plate. If he can put it together, he will be a fun, fun player to watch this year.

Next up: Tomorrow, we get to see our battle for the starting rotation continue against Team USA. Game time is 7:10.