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Friday Gamethread: Come rain or shine; Rockies vs Royals or USA vs Mexico

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Thunderstorms threaten the Rockies spring game against the Royals. Fortunately for baseball fans, Team USA also takes on the might of Mexico in Arizona's rain-proof dome in WBC action.


If the weather allows, Jeremy Guthrie will face his old team when the Rockies square off against the Royals at Salt River Fields tonight at 7:10 PM Mountain Time. Guthrie is still searching for his groove, sporting a 9.00 ERA in only 2.0 innings pitched. Guts, as he was known by his teammates in Colorado, struggled last year for the Rockies presenting a 6.35 ERA in 19 games before moving to the AL and finishing the year with a slightly better 3.16 ERA. This will be Guthrie's second appearance of Spring Training.

Toeing the rubber for Colorado will be Jorge De La Rosa in his third appearance of the spring. Returning from Tommy John surgery in 2011, Jorge has struggled in the Cactus League, posting a 7.36 ERA in only 3.2 innings pitched. However, his arm feels fine as Jorge told our own Rafael Rojas Cremonesi:

"My arm strength is in full form, I feel no pain when pitching, and that's what matters most. My current issues are with command and rhythm. I have to (get) my rhythm back."

Tonight will be the next test to see if JDLR can return to the starting rotation. The Royals are scheduled to use a split squad, although their earlier game was rained out and it's spring — so who knows what could happen.

Gameday Link



1. Eric Young - LF
2. Dexter Fowler - CF
3. Todd Helton - 1B
4. Michael Cuddyer - RF
5. Tyler Colvin - DH
6. Yorvit Torrealba - C
7. Josh Rutledge - 2B
8. Chris Nelson - 3B
9. Reid Brignac - SS


1. Chris Getz - 2B
2. Elliot Johnson - SS
3. Brett Butler - 1B
4. Jeff Francoeur - RF
5. Lorenzo Cain - CF
6. Brandon Wood - 3B
7. George Kottaras - C
8. Willy Taveras - LF
9. Jeremy Guthrie - P

USA vs Mexico

If there is rain, we can always talk about the USA vs Mexico game in the WBC tournament. That game starts at 7 PM MT under the dome of Chase Field. Wasn't it smart of the Diamondbacks to build a dome to protect against the rain, in Arizona?

This game features knuckleballer R.A. Dickey, an American playing for a Canadian team, starting for Team USA versus Yovani Gallardo of Mexico.

WBC Gameday Link



1. Jimmy Rollins- SS
2. Brandon Phillips- 2B
3. Ryan Braun- LF
4. Joe Mauer- DH
5. David Wright- 3B
6. Eric Hosmer- 1B
7. Giancarlo Stanton- RF
8. Adam Jones- CF
9. J.P. Arencibia- C


1. Eduardo Arredondo - CF
2. Ramiro Pena - 2B
3. Luis Cruz -3B
4. Adrian Gonzalez - 1B
5. Jorge Cantu - DH
6. Karim Garcia - RF
7. Edgar Gonzalez - LF
8. Jose Felix - C
9. Gil Velazquez - SS