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Game Thread: Rockies @ Angels

Colorado takes on LA (AL) in a spring training game

Ezra Shaw

The Colorado Rockies will again attempt to out-practice the other guys in another Spring Training game today, this one against the Angels. I'm sure there are stats on how the team is performing (practicing) and we all wait and watch with anticipation to see what Nolan Arenado will do next, but really the stat that should concern this team the most is innings lost by starting pitchers to injury. So far so g... well just in case, go find some wood to knock on.

Jorge de la Rosa made some progress in yesterdays rain shortened game and remains off the DL. Juan Nicasio hopes to follow suit today as he faces off against a stacked lineup.

Nicasio Vs. Vargas


1. LF Trout

2. 2B Kendrick

3. DH Pujols

4. RF Hamilton

5. 1B Trumbo

6. 3B Callaspo

7. CF Bourjos

8. C Ianetta

9. SS Romine


1. CF Young

2. 2B LeMahiu

3. C Pacheco

4. SS Tulowitzki

5. LF Colvin

6. 3B Arenado

7. 1B Paulsen

8. RF Matthes

9. DH McBride

Gameday link here!

Left Side: Goooooooooooo Right Side: Rockieeeeeeeeeeees!